Welcome! NetAlign (Network Align ment)  is  a  web-based       tool       for comparison     of     protein interaction networks(PINs). It  is   designed  to  be  a comparative  biology  tool at    the    network    level  and  to identify conserved network substructures(CoNSs)between two PINs. Alignment of two PINs can give  valuable information for biologists.

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Enter a list of protein interactions  

Tips: Please enter the interacting protein pairs in the textarea or  upload a file. A comment line  begins with a "#". Input should be formatted as follows:

QueryProtein1|QueryProtein2 QueryProtein1|QueryProtein3 QueryProtein2|QueryProtein3
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Enter a list of sequences  

Tips: Please enter the sequences of the query proteins in the textarea or upload a file. The sequences should be organized in FASTA format as follows:

TheOneLetterAminoAcidSequenceOf TheQueryProteinX
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Target organism 

Tips: Please select the protein interaction network (PIN) of the target organism which you are interested in. Currently, only the PINs collected in DIP database are considered.

:: Other parameters ::  
BLAST E-value threshold Tips:Please set NCBI BLAST E-value threshold for homology search.


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